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Apothecary was a profession established in the 17th century, & were usually chemist, who mixed & sold their own medicines...aka modern day pharmacist. The apothecary store will consist of loose leaf herbals, herbal tinctures, spiritual cleansing agents, various powders, potions, elixirs, tonics, teas, & alternative metaphysical supplies.


Meditation is the practice of just being in the present. Many times, we're not afforded, nor have the time to be in the NOW. Take this time to find YOU. Sessions are in 15 minute increments, combining binaural beats, Tibetan singing bowls, chanting, & guided grounding.

Massage Services

The practice of massage therapy has been around since the dawn of time. It has been known to help the body heal itself through tissue manipulation, palpation, increased circulation, overall relaxation. Massage benefits MANY body dysfunctions & aids in system reparations. 

Swedish Massage 

Relaxing, gentle massage, with light strokes & healing touch. Also used during Prenatal massage.


Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep, firm pressure, kneading, & trigger point therapy. May cause dizziness, lethargy, & soreness.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Gentle sweeping massage clearing the lymphatic system of backups & blockages. May cause nausea & dizziness.

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