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 About BWIMA

Hello, my name is Erika Ta'mmeiko. I'm the owner of BE WELL INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE & APOTHECARY. I've been a massage therapist for 15 years but a lifelong student of the practice. Throughout my career, I've worked under many awesome owners, who taught me all that they knew. I still deemed it important to find my niche. When I opened BWIM, I wanted to make sure I provided, 1. a safe space, 2. a healing, peaceful environment, & 3. a professional & respectable business. 

I'm beginning to indulge more into the holistic side of massage therapy & have been trying to work on the internal aspect of healing. In recent months, I've began incorporating energy work into the massages, chakra balancing, educating more about essential oils & herbal products, in addition to the massage therapy. I have decided to add apothecary to the services offered at BWIMA. I feel healing the body from the inside out, adds to the physical healing from the massage services.

I'm ready to help you achieve your desired healthy goals! Let's work together 😊



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